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Monday, June 16, 2008

Book reviews

The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson is a story about ones man journey of healing. During his healing he finds a woman that shares with him religion, a story about various cultures and histories and most of all a love story.
Each story told by Marianne is a story that comes full circle with the main character. Marianne is a spirited woman who feels that she has lived many past lives and shares stories of the people she had known. The most important story that is carried through out the book and elaborated on until the very end is the love story between the main character and herself. It starts off slow with the main character not fully believing in what Marianne is telling him. He doesn't understand how she feels that they have know each other before. He not believing in past lives feels that she is crazy and researches various mental disorders until he finds the one that best fits her.

All through out the story Marianne takes you on a ride sharing stories of various cultures but one underlying tie, Love. each story she tells talks about an undying love. Marianne shares the story of their past life through out the book and keeps you wanting more until the end. The ending is one that is unexpected at first but a fitting ending to all the stories that were shared through out.

The Gargoyle is a story about an undying love between two characters across the test of time.

A must read.

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