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I would like to take a minute and share with you what to expect when looking over my blog. This page is an opportunity to share with others what I like to do in my spare time. These activities range from reading, which I need to do more of (have a mountain of books to conquer and I still buy more =)...) making my own greeting cards, ornaments and more.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Darkside by Beth Fantaskey

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Darkside was a very well written story of a High school girl Jessica coming to realize what her destiny holds for her.

Meet Jessica a senior in high school in a small town in Pennsylvania. Jessica is you everyday average girl who is looking forward to graduation from high school has a crush on a boy and has a group of friends. But all that changes when a foreign exchange student named Lucious Valduscu shows up at her school and home claiming to be her fiancee. Jessica can not believe what Luscious is telling her. He also claims that her real name is Anastia and she was betrothed to him at birth so their dueling families would once live in peace.

Jessica does not believe Luscious and the kicker to it all is that Luscious claims to be a vampire and that she is a vampire princess. Jessica thinks that Luscious is crazy and continues to pursue her crush Jake.

As life goes on Jessica begins to realize more about Luscious and begins to believe in the unimaginable. She realizes that she has feelings for him, but is it too late. Has Luscious decided he no longer wants her as his betrothed. Can the war between the families end?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan

The Forest of Hands and Teeth is a well written book. Ryan does a wonderful job of telling the story of the various characters in the book. The story primarily focuses on Mary a young girl who loses both her mother and father to the Unconsecrated. First her father and then her mother. When her mother is turned Mary's brother writes her off. He blames her for letting her mother decide to enter the Forest of Hands and Teeth rather then being killed. Once this happens Mary is shipped to the Cathedral to become one of the sisters.

While at the Cathedral Mary does a lot of looking into the Unconsecrated and learns there is more to the outside world then the Sisters want people to know.

The Forest of Hands and Teeth is not only suspenseful but has an underlying love story.
How far will Mary go to see the ocean that her mother talked about? How much will she risk to see the ocean? Ryan has you routing for Mary through out the book.
Ryan also leaves the reader asking themselves what would you do if you were faced with a world and the Unconsecrated?
I give this book 5 oout of 5 stars.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dead City by Joe McKinney

Dead City talks place in San Antonio. After recovering from 5 hurricanes in three weeks Eddie Hudson finds things are not normal in his city. He is called on an assignment with another cop when he realizes the people are not like normal people. He and the other cop tell them to stop and freeze but they don't. Eddie and the other cop shoot the people and none of them die. This begins the longest night for Eddie.

Eddie has realized that the people are no longer people but zombies. Zombies that eat the flesh of other living humans. Hence the night of Eddie fighting his way through zombies to see if his wife and child are safe and alive.

Through out the night Eddie runs into a fellow officer Marcus. Marcus is the comical relief in tense situation. Will Eddie find his family? If Eddie does find his family will his family be alive or turned into zombies?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Half Way to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

In Halfway to the Grave Frost introduces you to Cat a woman who is half vampire half human. Cat isn't like other woman. She spends her days going to school and her nights hunting vampires. Cat hunts the vampires because her mother has told her that all vampires are evil that the one who fathered her is evil and needs to be found and killed.

While Cat is out patrolling one night she is taken by surprise by a man that she is trying to kill. Cat is then captured and brought to a cave. Here Frost introduces you to Bones a vampire who is on a mission. Bones decides that Cat would be a big help in his mission as vampires would be thrown off by her beating heart. So Bones trains Cat for several months and the two of them team up to hunt vampires.

While the two fight vampires they also begin to form a relationship. A relationship that will help save each other many times over.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Wicked Lovely starts off by introducing you to a girl named Aislinn at first glimpse she is a normal girl goes to high school and has a group of friends to hang out with but what many don't know is that Aislinn can see faeries.

Aislinn lives with her grandmother and follows a set of rules set forth by her grandmother to follow when dealing with the faeries they are:

1. Don't stare at invisible faeries
2. Don't speak to invisible faeries
3. Don't ever attract their attention

But Aislinn does just that. She stares at the faeries although she tries not to and she attracts the attention of the Summer King. Hence she breaks rule number two because she speaks with the Summer King Keenan to get him to leave her alone. Aislinn doesn't want anything to do with Keenan she is intersted in her close friend Seth who admits to Aislinn he loves her and has for seven months. Knowing she can't tell her grandmother of the events that have transpired she turns to her friend now boyfriend Seth and tells him about faeries and everything she sees hoping he doesn't think she is crazy.

Keenan shares with Aislinn that he needs her to join with him to over through the Winter Queem or everone including her will die. He pleads with her and hopes that she will change her mind.

Aislinn continues to turn to her boyfriend Seth. Seth with the information given to him from Aislinn begins researching the faeries to see if he can do anything to help her out. As Aislinn is trying to get rid of Keenan she realizes that she can't that she is bound by fate to work with him but can she give up everything she knows, school, her grandmother and most of all Seth to join forces with Keenan?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Moon by Stephanie Meyer

New moon by Stephanie Meyer finds Edward having left Bella and Bella being distraught. Bella spends her day sulking around not wanting to go anywhere or see anyone. Her father Charlie tries to get Bella to go out with her friends and visit Jacob but often times fails. Bella doesn't want to do anything. I found this a little hard to swallow. I mean yes when a relationship breaks up one will be upset but I felt that Stephanie Meyer dragged it out longer then it had to be.

Once Bella begins to live her life again she strengthens her friendship with Jacob. he helps her restore two motorcycles. As their friendship deepens something happens to Jacob that can change both their lives forever.

Jacob has joined their pack on his reservation. While he goes through this change Jacob stops seeing Bella as he is unable to tell her what is happening. When Jacob finally sees Bella he tells her that he can't tell her what happened but she could guess.

So Bella and Jacob play a game of 20 questions. By the end of it Bella finds out what jacob has become.

Bella wanting to take risks on day decides to go cliff diving. This leads to the reappearance of the Cullens. Alice who has visions shares her vision with Edward that she say Bella jump off a cliff and not seen again. What she doesn't see is Jacob save Bella. So Edward thinking Bella is dead goes to Italy to get himself killed.

And once again as things are resolved Bella blames herself for what Edward wanted to do.