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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Faith and Honor by Robin Maderich

Faith and Honor is a love story based in revolutionary times. The main character is Faith a young woman whose husband has passed away. Faith is part of a group that does not believe in what the British are doing. She and many others are helping the men fight against the British. A close friend to faith is Ezra and elderly man who has known her since she was a child. Ezra loves Faith but knows that Faith does not return the same love. He know she loves him like a father not a husband.

Faith has her honor and will do everything she can to fight the Red coats. However, a wrench is thrown into her life. A wrench by the name of Fletcher Irons. Fletcher is a Red Coat and Faith does everything in her power to not fall for a man which she and every body else deem the enemy.

Faith although in love with Fletcher helps smuggle pellets to men fighting against the British. These same batch of pellets she later finds out causes injury that could have killed Fletcher. When she realizes this she feels guilty and takes him to her home to care for him.

Faith and Fletcher's love for each other grow but is put to the test many more times. Fletcher is called back to war and leaves Faith. Time goes bye and Faith comes to realize that she is pregnant with Fletcher's child. A child she thought she could never have.

Can this child bring Fletcher home to her? Will Fletcher leave his army to live with her and raise their child?

One can also ask is love truly that strong that one can fall in love with their enemy? Can one put their difference aside and what they stand for and truly love another individual?

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Jess said...

This sounds like another great book. Thanks for the review.