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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stake that by: Mari Mancusi (first book of my 50 book challenge)

Hello Everyone,
So I came home yesterday and after a long non-stop day at work I decided I needed to read a book that was an easy read so I picked up the Stake that.
This book pulled me in from the very first page. It focuses on a high school girl whose one dream is to become a vampire.

The main topic of the book:
A young adult supernatural read about a common girl in high school whose one dream is to become a vampire.

A little bit about the book:
Rayne MacDonald is a high school girl who has joined a vampire conven and is completing the process to become the mate of Magnus the coven leader. However, nothing goes according to plan for Rayne.

Sunny her twin sister is initiated into the coven as the mate of Magnus instead of Rayne and the story goes from there. Rayne also keeps a blog and updates her fans on what happens in her day to day life since her sister became the mate of Magnus.

The one things Rayne wanted most was to be a vampire and one day she is told that she is the next vampire slayer. Not what she planned.

Stake that shares with the reader the life of Rayne and how she uses her new found job to help rid the world of the bad vampires and along the way find romance.

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