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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Zen and the Art of Vampires (book 2 in my 50 book challenge)

Here is book two in my challenge this year. Now normally I don't like to read a book in a series if I haven't read the first book but when I picked this one up I didn't realize it was book six of a series. Although this is book six you do not need to have read books 1-5 to enjoy this book.

Zen and the Art of Vampires is a well written book about a woman who everyone can relate to. From the beginning you like her and want her to succeed.

There are several mini plots that combine for the large plot of the book.
One plot you meet a 40 year old woman, Pia, on a tour of Iceland with her friends. You learn of how she despises a co-traveler and what she will do to avoid her.

Another plot you find Pia being confronted by ghosts. Ghosts that only she can see as she has purchased an item that attracts the ghosts to her. With this item she takes the role of a woman called a Zoroya in the Brotherhood of the light. A role which she does not want at first.

Then yet another plot Pia meets a tall dark stranger and takes him home with her. Later she finds that this man she has been with is a vampire and in the dark ones group the sworn enemies of the brotherhood. Here is where the main story begins. By having the item that attracts the ghosts she learns of the role she is deemed to play. One that will help those who have died crossover to Ostri but to cleanse those referred to as the Dark Ones.

The story continues as Pia tries to balance her role as a Zoroya and still fall for one of the Vampires she meets along the way.

The ending is an ending one may not expect, but I will leave that for you to find out.
I recommend this book for anyone who likes romance and vampires.

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