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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bedtime with Rollo by David and Seth Bier

Title: Bedtime with Rollo
Authors: David Bier and Seth Bier
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Like I mentioned in an earlier post I met two very nice gentlemen at the BEA they were the co-authors of Bedtime with Rollo and helped keep the peace in my family by giving me not just one book but three. Anywho, I brought two of the books over to my niece and nephew this afternoon with the stuffed Rollo dolls and let me say they absolutely loved the book. The minute I gave it to them they opened it up to look at it and were so excited to see that each book was addressed to them. They also immediately wanted to hear the story so me being the good auntie sat down on the couch with them and read them the story. As I read the story they each held their Rollo stuffed toy and listened. They laughed at the part where the father says he snores. They found that funny and said like daddy. Guess their daddy snores...lol As I read the book I found that it is great way to help children with nightmares. My niece and nephew laughed and had me read the book to them twice that shows me they loved it. And my niece said to me as I was leaving Thank you aunti for Rollo I am going to have him sleep with me tonight to keep the monsters away.

So David and Seth if you read this you have written a great story that I think will help children feel safe again when going to bed.

Thought I would add the website for the Book that way if anyone wants this great book they can check it out at http://www.nightsprytes.com/sd_Home.html

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