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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Half Way to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

In Halfway to the Grave Frost introduces you to Cat a woman who is half vampire half human. Cat isn't like other woman. She spends her days going to school and her nights hunting vampires. Cat hunts the vampires because her mother has told her that all vampires are evil that the one who fathered her is evil and needs to be found and killed.

While Cat is out patrolling one night she is taken by surprise by a man that she is trying to kill. Cat is then captured and brought to a cave. Here Frost introduces you to Bones a vampire who is on a mission. Bones decides that Cat would be a big help in his mission as vampires would be thrown off by her beating heart. So Bones trains Cat for several months and the two of them team up to hunt vampires.

While the two fight vampires they also begin to form a relationship. A relationship that will help save each other many times over.


Jess said...

Great summary -- I loved this book. Actually the whole series is fantastic!

rigal11 said...

I agree Jess that the entire series was great. I am looking forward to the fourth book.