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Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Moon by Stephanie Meyer

New moon by Stephanie Meyer finds Edward having left Bella and Bella being distraught. Bella spends her day sulking around not wanting to go anywhere or see anyone. Her father Charlie tries to get Bella to go out with her friends and visit Jacob but often times fails. Bella doesn't want to do anything. I found this a little hard to swallow. I mean yes when a relationship breaks up one will be upset but I felt that Stephanie Meyer dragged it out longer then it had to be.

Once Bella begins to live her life again she strengthens her friendship with Jacob. he helps her restore two motorcycles. As their friendship deepens something happens to Jacob that can change both their lives forever.

Jacob has joined their pack on his reservation. While he goes through this change Jacob stops seeing Bella as he is unable to tell her what is happening. When Jacob finally sees Bella he tells her that he can't tell her what happened but she could guess.

So Bella and Jacob play a game of 20 questions. By the end of it Bella finds out what jacob has become.

Bella wanting to take risks on day decides to go cliff diving. This leads to the reappearance of the Cullens. Alice who has visions shares her vision with Edward that she say Bella jump off a cliff and not seen again. What she doesn't see is Jacob save Bella. So Edward thinking Bella is dead goes to Italy to get himself killed.

And once again as things are resolved Bella blames herself for what Edward wanted to do.