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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Wicked Lovely starts off by introducing you to a girl named Aislinn at first glimpse she is a normal girl goes to high school and has a group of friends to hang out with but what many don't know is that Aislinn can see faeries.

Aislinn lives with her grandmother and follows a set of rules set forth by her grandmother to follow when dealing with the faeries they are:

1. Don't stare at invisible faeries
2. Don't speak to invisible faeries
3. Don't ever attract their attention

But Aislinn does just that. She stares at the faeries although she tries not to and she attracts the attention of the Summer King. Hence she breaks rule number two because she speaks with the Summer King Keenan to get him to leave her alone. Aislinn doesn't want anything to do with Keenan she is intersted in her close friend Seth who admits to Aislinn he loves her and has for seven months. Knowing she can't tell her grandmother of the events that have transpired she turns to her friend now boyfriend Seth and tells him about faeries and everything she sees hoping he doesn't think she is crazy.

Keenan shares with Aislinn that he needs her to join with him to over through the Winter Queem or everone including her will die. He pleads with her and hopes that she will change her mind.

Aislinn continues to turn to her boyfriend Seth. Seth with the information given to him from Aislinn begins researching the faeries to see if he can do anything to help her out. As Aislinn is trying to get rid of Keenan she realizes that she can't that she is bound by fate to work with him but can she give up everything she knows, school, her grandmother and most of all Seth to join forces with Keenan?


Tiffany Schmidt said...

I loved Wicked Lovely! I'm so glad that Fragile Eternity comes out in just a few short weeks. I enjoyed Ink Exchange, but found myself anxious & impatient to hear more about Aislinn and Seth and Keenan. Hopefully Fragile Eternity will fix that!

rigal11 said...

Tiffany I am looking forward to reading Ink Exchange.