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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Evermore by Alyson Noel

Title: Evermore
Author: Alyson Noel
Rating 5 out of 5 stars

I will be honest I bought this book and then it sat in my too be read pile for a while. Then my friend Gail asked to borrow it because a friend of hers said she must read it. So i let her borrow it and then she said I must read it. Once returned I began reading it and enjoyed the storyline and the way Alyson developed the characters in it.

Meet Ever a young girl who is the soul survivor of a car crash that took the lives of her parents, sister and dog. Ever would have joined her family on the other side however she stopped to "smell the roses" so to speak and was called back into her body. Since that fateful night Ever can hear voices and see things ghosts and auras around people. To hide this gift or punishment as Ever views it she hides herself in sweatshirts and listens to her ipod. This all stops when she meets Damen a new student at school whose very touch or presence seems to quiet all the voices that Ever hears.

Upon meeting Damen she also meets another woman. A woman who she thinks is Damen's girlfriend but turns out she is something else and is not a good thing for Ever.

Noel does a wonderful job of fleshing out the storyline between Damen and Ever, the story progresses nicely and to slowly. By the end of the book I was wanting more. Gladly Blue moon the second book in the series has been released. I look forward to reading it soon to see what happens to Damen and Ever.


Jess said...

Great review -- I am really looking forward to reading this book!

rigal11 said...

It was really good. I bought Blue Moon can't wait to start it. I have early reviewers though that I have get through first.