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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 2 in Florida

Hello everyone,

Day 2 found us getting up real early to catch a bus to have breakfast with the Characters at Animal kingdom. All in good spirits this am. Dad had a scooter delivered to him last night so he wouldn't have to do the walking and it was a new toy for him. While getting on the bus to Animal Kingdom Dad put on a show for everyone waiting as the scooter didn't want to work and then would speed off at the touch of a button. He almost ran over the two employees helping him.... Once secured on the bus we were off to Animal Kingdom. There we had Breakfast at Tusker Restaurant. It was a buffet style breakfast and it was delicious. They served this juice called jamba juice and it was mango, papaya and some other juice mix it was really good. The characters at this breakfast were Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, and Donald Duck. The kids all loved them and well if any of you know me I went for Goofy. lol.

After breakfast we all went on the safari ride. which was very enjoyable. Then the some of the gang went on a rapid ride and was soaking wet afterwards.

Hannah and I jetted out early from the park to come back to the hotel to find the rug by the bathroom torn up. Here is the story as to why that came to be and why we call our old room Lake 721.

Upon checking into the hotel and getting to our room we noticed the rug in front of the bathroom was sopping wet. Called the front desk and they sent out someone to use a wet vac to soak up the water and told us that the rug should be fine. So we went to bed woke up this morning at four am and stepped on to the floor to find that the floor was still sopping wet. Not my idea of a nice wake up call. So I stopped at the front desk and told them. While out at Animal Kingdom they sent someone over to take care of it. Upon arriving back at the hotel we found the rug torn up in two locations. And three people stopping in at the room to apologise and figure out what was leaking. But as it is we have moved to another room in another building away from the rest of the family. Pictures will be posted later tonight.

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