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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 3 in Florida

Hello again.
Day 3 started with poor Julia getting sick. Julia hung back with Heather and the rest of us went to Epcot. Started off with the ride in the great big ball (can't think of the name right now). Anywho you start by pushing the place where you live... Marcus was with my mom and i and we ended up being from Louisville Kentucky..lol From there we went on a ride called Soarin where you feel like you are flying and you get to see the sites of California. This ride was amazing. And at each location where they show you you can smell the scene, for example they showed us orange trees you could smell oranges, surfers you could smell the salt water. Definitely a ride you must check out if ever in Epcot. After Soarin some went on test track while others waited and Marcus and Josh played in the water.

After the water play Jason, Josh, Meghan, Hannah and I went on Mission to Mars. My loving brother that he is choose the more intense ride. This ride was equipped with barf bags. Ahhh.... that right there should have been a warning. lol The ride itself was great but there were times that I was not feeling to well with the ride. But we all made it off. After that the family all went on the Figment ride. Another nice ride. went on later with Marcus as he was asleep the first time around. After that ride we headed over to a large disney store and shopped til our dinner reservation.

At dinner we got to see Mickey, Pluto, Chip and Dale. We also had our own show with Marcus. He danced and sang for us while we were all eating. Marcus loved the characters. Night ended with the girls and I going back to the hotel. Today we are heading over to Disney Hollywood Studios.

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