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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

House of Night Novels

I will try not to do this often but I am going to cover the first four books in the House of Night series in one review as I read them back to back. and they all blended into one in my reading. I hope no one minds that it wont be 4 separate reviews.

The House of night series books are the following
Marked:House of night , Betrayed:House of night , Chosen:House of night and untamed:House of night .

Marked begins with the reader meeting a young girl named Zoey. She attends a regular high school and wants nothing more then to fit in. However one day Zoey gets marked with a crescent moon on her forehead. The means she needs to leave her family and friends and begin attending school at the House of night. Zoey finds since she has been marked that people who she thought were friends desert her and her family disapproves that she has been marked.

Zoey only thinking of one person she can turn too drives off to see her grandmother. She has an accident and her grandmother takes care of her and brings her to the house of night. There she meets Nefert the high priestess who will be her mentor. Zoey jumps right into her classes and begins making friends. However even as a soon to be vampire she is different from everyone else. Her mark is filled in which doesn't usually happen until a teenager becomes an adult vampire. With a filled in mark this draws more attention to Zoey.

In Marked Zoey meets Aphrodite who is the leader of the group called Dark Daughters and Zoey's worst enemy.

Betrayed begins a little after Marked ends. In Betrayed Zoey becomes the leader of the Dark Daughters as Aphrodite is stripped of her title and also no longer considered a priestess in training. In Betrayed we learn that not all will make the change to an adult vampire. Zoey sees three people in her school not make it through the change. And one has a profound effect on her. Zoey's life changes the day one of her classmates doesn't make it through the change. However, ZOey finds that something is amiss at the House of Night. In Betrayed you see Zoey and Erik get closer and closer. Zoey however is torn between her growing love for Erik and her long lasting love for Heath her ex-boyfriend from her previous school.

Zoey, unlike her classmates, develops adult vampire traits before they do. When Heath and another of Zoey's old friends come to rescue her Heath cuts his finger and Zoey can smell his blood and does what no fledgling is supposed to do. She tastes his blood. Fledglings are not supposed to drink blood from anyone human as it can form an imprint with the human. Zoey doesn't feel this has happended until Heath begins texting her continously. Zoey goes and shares this happening with her mentor Nefert.

As Zoey continues with her duties as the leader of the Darl Daughters she feels something is off at the school but doesn't know what exactly it is. Through out Choosen Zoey begins to have a better understanding of her nemisis Aphrodite. Could friendship beforming between the too?
With Zoey's friend who represents the earth element gone Aphrodite steps in to much of the complaining of her other friends.

The last book Untamed finds Zoey and her friends trying to save the school from the dark one rising. Aphrodite conitinues to have her visions and shares them with Zoey. Zoey calls her grandmother in for help but tragedy strikes and her grandmother ends up in the hospital unable to help her. Zoey must take this battle on with just her friends. In Untamed Zoey finds out that the person she is supposed to trust at the school is behind all the bad things happening.

The question now is can Zoey and her friends save the school and stop the evil forces from rising?
I look forward to book five to see what happens next.

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