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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Shadow Within. (book 15 in 50 book challenge)

The Shadow Within by Jenine Wilson

The beginning of the story you meet Jessie A high school student who only wants to make it through her day unnoticed by two students that have a locker on either side of her. This however never happens. While she is at her locker Jessie runs into Amber and Reese and is ridiculed by them. One day of the teasing Jessie trips and is about to fall when out of nowhere a boy catches her and prevents her from falling. This boys name was Wesley. From that point on you can see a friendship grow.

After becoming friends with Wesley, Jessie realizes that strange things happen. First he is found outside of a house where a man is found dead. Could he have killed him? Second nobody seems to remember him. Teachers speak to him but then act as if they didn't see him. How could this be.

It is not until Wesley shares his secret with her that she understands why he is forgotten by everyone around him but she doesn't understand why she never forgets him.

With story of his past shared with Jessie Wesley also shares with her that there is an evil force in town called a shade and he is the one possessing humans and killing them due to humans not being strong enough to house the shade.

Through out the book you notice a change in Reese he goes from ridiculing Jessie daily to attacking her and then befriends her.

The Shadow Within is a well written and enjoyable story of a teenage girl who only wants to be left alone but gets herself involved in so much more.

I recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a story that incorporates growing up, making friends, falling in love and dealing with the supernatural.

A great read.

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