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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Girls that Growl (book four in my 50 book challenge and book 3 in the vampire book challenge)

So I had the day from heck at work today and came home and wanted a little escape so I picked up the following book: [Girls that Growl] by [[Mari Mancusi]].

let me tell you this book took my mind off everything that happened today.

Girls that growl is the second book int the Rayne MacDonald the vampire vampire slayer.

This book picks up with Rayne looking at her relationship with her boyfriend Jareth. Jareth saved her life in book one and they become bloodmates. Because of the virus that Rayne was given that Jareth saved her from he too was infected and had his power striped. This allows Jareth to go out in the daylight. With this new freedom Jareth becomes a surfer dude.

Rayne because she has become a vampire is no longer employed by Slayers Inc. officially but is held on to help out when needed. With that said Rayne is asked to join the cheerleader squad because Slayers inc. felt that they were all werewolves. This is where the story becomes funny. Picture a girl who wears goth clothing trying out to be a cheer leader. The story goes one with Rayne and Jareth going off to England to see if they can find an antidote for the cheer leading werewolves.

Girls that Growl is an easy read that can help take your mind off of a hard day.

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Caspette said...

Hi I came to your review from Irish's blog. I liked your review this book sounds like a great "had a crap day need brain candy" kind of book. I will be keeping my eye out for it.