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Monday, February 16, 2009

Kiss Me Forever

Book 9 in my 50 book challenge is Kiss me forever by Rosemary Laurey And guess what it too is a vampire book. =) which brings my vampire challenge to 7.

Kiss me forever begins with a young woman named Dixie Lepage flying to London to look at a house that was left to her by her great aunts. When she arrives things go from bad to worse. When she lands in London she finds out that the train workers are on strike and nothing is running so she needs to find an alternate mode of transportation. She rents a car and is on her way.

When she arrives at her destination the gentleman who is supposed to help her puts her up in a bed and breakfast where his gal can keep an eye on him and report back everything Dixie does.

Through the course of her stay she meets a man by the name of Christopher Marlow who she doesn't know is a vampire. The two form a bond and soon fall in love with each other all along Dixie not knowing that Marlow is a vampire even though they talk about witches and werewolves. Dixie doesn't believe in them and Marlow tries to get her to believe. It isn't until Marlow is put into danger that she realizes the truth.

There are many twists and turns in this book as Dixie and Marlow fight to hold onto the items in her aunts house and find out that the gentleman supposed to help her with the house is out to hurt her.

The story is an enjoyable and nice flowing read.

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