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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer (book 7 in 50 book challenge and book 5 in my vampire challenge)

Book 7 Twilight
Okay with all the mixed reviews I read about Twilight by Stephanie Meyer I felt I needed to read it for myself. While my friend Irish did not enjoy the book I myself thought the book was not too bad. It was long and at times I got tired of Bella swooning over Edward but I viewed most of the swooning as a young teenager in love for the first time. I can remember my first crush you want to be and see that person all the time. That is how I viewed Bella wanting to be with Edward all the time.

I do have to agree with Irish on it being a bit freaky that Edward watches her sleep in her own house and bedroom. And at times is she obsessed by Edward yes but again I viewed it as a first time crush.

I thought the story flowed nicely from Bella landing in Forks and settling in to a new school and new friends, up to the very end.

Another point that I agree with Irish on is the fact that when Bella is almost injured and Edward saves her he tells her he needs to be alone so he can calm done. This I felt was wrong but, then if you look at it if he stayed he could have done more harm to her he is a vampire and all.

Twilight left me with mixed reviews. As I enjoy a vampire story I did feel some things to be better left out of the book then put in. I will most likely pick up the next book to see if my review of the series will change.

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