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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kiss and Tell by Sandy Lynn (book 8 for the 50 book challenge and book 6 in the vampire challenge)

Okay book 8 for my challenge is another vampire book. Apparently I am on a vampire kick...lol Book 8 is Kiss and Tell Bloodmates Book 1 by Sandy Lynn.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a very steamy romance between a vampire and a human.

Kiss and Tell starts off with a woman named Willow, who loses her job, going out with her sister and friend to get her mind off things. At the bar they go too the women decided to play a game. Willow is to choose one guy in the bar go over to him ask if she can join him and sit on his lap. While sitting on his lap she has to ask him one question and this will determine whether she gives him her name and number or just a kiss and walk away.

The questions she has to ask is "Boxers or Briefs" little did she know when she asked this question the answer would be neither. This then leads into the very steamy Romance between Willow and Seth whom she doesn't know is a vampire.

Once Willow finds out that Seth is a vampire and the marks on her neck that she thought was a hickey is really tooth marks she freaks out and leaves Seth.

Since Willow leaves Seth is upset and tries to drink from other donors but never gets his thirst quenched. When Willow returns to the bar to confront Seth she hears his stomach growl which is uncommon for Vampires. She helps him back to his apartment and lets him drink once more from her. While willow is asleep Seth leaves and calls his mom. Yes Vampires have moms. He asks her to tell him the story she used to tell when he was a child so she tells the story of a vampire who finds her bloodmate and discovers only his blood will quench her thirst. Seth realizes that Willow is his bloodmate and only her blood will quench his thirst but he doesn't want her to be with him out of pity.

The story plays out very nicely and I feel that if some wants to ready a steamy romance book then most definitely pick this book up.

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