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I would like to take a minute and share with you what to expect when looking over my blog. This page is an opportunity to share with others what I like to do in my spare time. These activities range from reading, which I need to do more of (have a mountain of books to conquer and I still buy more =)...) making my own greeting cards, ornaments and more.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Book Expo America day one

Well really it is not the first day of the expo but it is the first day in NYC. Arrived in NYC at Penn Station at 5:00pm grabbed a cab and headed over to the Roosevelt Hotel. Man it was a fast ride and I had my eyes closed for half of it. Never take a New York Cab ride if you are faint of heart. Checked in to the hotel and headed out to meet some fellow tweeters at the Strand. The strand for those of you that don't know (cause I didn't) is a huge and I mean huge book store. You would need a whole day to look through everything they have on their shelves. But FYI where light weight clothes as it is very hot. Could have been inpart due to the two mojitos I had at dinner but the store was hot. After spending about two hours in the strand I left having spent 124.00 dollars. Way more then I planned on especially cause I am do to get some books at the BEA this weekend but who I tell you can resist half price books or books that are just $1.99. (apparently not me) Anywho, day one in NYC is over and I am heading to bed as I have a early wake up call 4 am so my friend and I can go get tickets for an authors signing. so night all and more to come tomorrow.