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Friday, May 29, 2009

First Official Day at the BEA 2009

Began my day at 3:45am. Yes, Yes you read correctly. Crazy you say, why yes I would have to agree with you on that one. lol However the reason for my craziness to get two orange tickets for authors signing later in the day, one of which I gave to a fellow tweeter and blogger who could not get up that early and one to get books signed for my mom... aren't I sweet...lol.
The first event of the day was they Children's book & Author breakfast. The authors there were Meg Cabot, Tomie DePaola, Amy Krouse Rosenthal, and the well know and love Julie Andrews. Much to my surprise at this breakfast was to find free books were on my seat when I sat down. What a wonderful way to start the day. then from there I began the day long event of getting authors' signatures.

So in review here are the authors I saw and got autographs from.
Jordan Summers for Crimson (also was given another book but at the moment at a loss for the

Sarah MaClean for The Season

Laurie Faria Stolarz for Deadly Little Lies

Jennifer Leigh (PsyD) for Laid or Loved? The secrets Guys Wish You Knew About Being a
Dream Girl instead of a Just-in-his- jeans Girl. (here she gave out a keychaing
attached to a zipper book mark. Very cool message and with the bookmark.
Should you be curious and want to know just ask me and I shall tell you. =).

Heather Graham for Dust to Dust

Two books for my mom
Carol Higgins Clark for Cursed
Mary Higgins Clark forJust Take my Heart

Bridie Clark for The Overnight Socialite

For the nieces and nephews
Chris Van Dusen for Circus Ship
Ted Lewin illustrator for The Longest Night
Lynnette Murray-Gibson for The Magical adventures of Clara the Cleaning Woman: Clara Meets
Mr. Twiddles (She was nice enough to sign two books for me so they cherubs wont fight)

Back to my books
Walter Krumm for Diary of a Dead Man (sadly he did not show up to sign it but still got a copy)

Lev Grossman for The Magicians

Darryl Hagar for The Man Overboard

David Lubar for My Rotten Life:Nathan Abercrombie, Accidental Zombie

Then I went to a couple of Publishers booths and picked up a couple more autographs they were
Anna Leonard for DreamCatcher

Gena Showalter forVampire's Bride

Maria Synder for Storm Glass

Rachel Vincent for Pride

Along with the above books a publisher asked me to review a children's book that is quite
popular and will be sending the book my way the book to be reviewed is Everybody
poops. (yes folks you read it correctly...lol ) Look forward to getting it and posting about
it here.
Also picked up School of Fear (blanking on the author. Sorry) and a friend picked up a vampire book for me (wasn't that nice of her?)
Too other locations I went to were a booth selling massaging insoles. The company is Best Soles Inc. They had me try on the insoles and lets just say my feet were thanking God that the Guy pulled me into the booth to try them. walked out buying a pair and they are quite comfortable. The website if you are interested is www.MassagingInsoles.com
And finally I stopped at a booth for Carl R. Sams PhotoTgraphy Inc. where I was shown a book about being lost in the forest. The photographes used in this book were exsquiste. It had a nice story line and was educational. Highly reccomend if interested in books on animals Another book shown too me had oil paintings for the illustrations again the pictures were exquiste. The webpage to find them at is www.strangerinthewoods.com

So at the end of Day one I managed to pick up 23 books, 24 counting the one being mailed to mre.

Well that is all for me for tonight. My feet are hurting and my have sore muscles that I never knew I had. But the above books eith the exception of three were shipped home and hopefully will arrive this week. So excited.

Happy reading.

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